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Prime Timber North America, LLC is a company committed to distribute the Prime Timber Forest Products in the US market. Our office in the United States is responsible for part of our sales, distribution, account management and import. With this office, Prime Timber is able to be closer to its customers and offer them total support, taking care of the customs clearance, ocean freight, transportation and distribution.

Customers rely on Prime Timber for our experience on this business. We serve the largest treaters in the country, but have the ability to satisfy the needs of smaller treaters as well. Wood Treaters depend on Prime Timber for our full range of products. We are proud of our record of success, and this reflects the continuing service we provide to our customers. Prime Timber’s mission is to build relationships that cause us to become a factor in our customers’ long-term planning.

We have distribution from the following ports:

Port Manatee, FL
Lake Charles, LA
Charleston, SC
Savannah, GA
Port Everglades, FL
Miami, FL
Norfolk, VA
Houston, TX
Baltimore, MD

*Please check availability for distribution from another port not listed above*

Meeting our customers long and short-term needs is our number one priority. Our business is structured to achieve this by, offering competitive pricing, prompt delivery schedules, and market forecasting.
Since the late 80’s we have built our reputation on integrity to our customers.
We know that our customer can place an order with anyone, but lasting relationships must be mutually beneficial and add increasing value over time. Our employees understand this and this is why we understand the markets, have a wealth of product knowledge, and are passionate about helping their customers make profitable decisions. But most importantly, we recognize and believe that building relationships through service, trust, and confidence is imperative to being a top performer.

Prime Timber continues to be a successful company because of our years of experience and the work ethic that we demonstrate daily with our customers and vendors.

Our operations in Brazil includes sawmill, plantations and strategic alliances with timberlands and investments on third party operated sawmills. We also have timber and lumber suppliers who have total commitment with our standards and policies.
We are guided by the good practices and our company is committed to the environmental rules.





Caxias do Sul - RS, BR 116 - Km 148, nº 477 CEP 95054-780 +55 (54) 2101.6100